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Agape Healing Hands Home Care

Agape Healing Hands Home Care, Inc. is a healthcare provider of both medical and non-medical services based in MO that approached Culture to help launch the brand with the development and design of a website and additional production of corresponding flyers to assist in establishing its branding, SEO, and direct marketing practices.

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We began this project by meeting with the founder, Jocelyn Grinston, RN, to get an understanding of the company’s vision and purpose prior to creating the branding, including brand colors, font types, and mission statement. Mrs. Grinston explained the heart behind the brand and the desire to launch a company that aligned with her personal values of serving others with a divine, agape love and to assist patients and families at home with dignity and compassion.

In understanding the vision, we established the following mission statement: Agape Healing Hands Home Care provides quality home care to those we serve through a holistic approach of extending the highest form of love, support, and compassion to patients and their families.

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From this, we continued on to develop a brand guide that included brand colors and font types for consistent branding after the launch. We shared a brand guide that consisted of warm colors (reds, corals, browns) suggested by the founder and paired this with blues to add balance and a more traditional industry feel to the brand. Additionally, we kept the font type simple and used variations of Montserrat font. Once approved, we began designing the layout of the homepage, which also included generation of web copy detailing services and offerings, a contact form, and a HIPAA-compliant intake form. 


We kept the website design concise to accommodate for the growth the company will have as they continue to build out services and pages. We integrated Gravity Form plugins and for HIPAA compliance, implemented SEO, and configured CMS to allow for the brand to not only retrieve sensitive information without breaching confidentiality but also gather leads to be contacted and retargeted in marketing efforts.


We initially had to revise the list of services and offerings to meet what the founder and her new team were able to manage. However, this led to a discussion of hiring and recruitment efforts, resulting in Culture adding a pre-existing employee application from the company to the website, updating the format and logo on the form, and adding clear messaging to the website to assist in the talent acquisition process. Once the website was updated with the proper channels and resources, we walked Mrs. Grinston through the website to explain backend processes, location of files, and other necessary information for maintaining the site.

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To further assist with direct marketing for Agape Healing Hands Home Care, the company asked Culture to create a standard flyer design for campaigning around town. This flyer followed the same branding guidelines that Culture previously developed and focused on centering the viewer’s eyes on most important information including how to contact the brand and its services and accreditation. These flyers were used in presenting workshops and in B2C marketing endeavors.

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