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Jakia Propst

Head of Marketing and Communications

Jakia Propst is a multimedia artist, creative strategist and digital storyteller with nearly a decade of experience serving growth-driven results to large and small companies, challenging perspectives, and shifting the culture. She holds a Master of Business Administration degree in Marketing and a Bachelor of Arts in English.

Experienced in leading marketing efforts for a variety of industries such as healthcare, entertainment, non-profit, and higher education, Jakia blends her strengths in creative strategy and her passion for enhancing the culture of movements, institutions, and brands to aid in successful client outcomes. Some past clients include Warby Parker, T. Lavette Design Collective, Healing Chair Therapy, and more. She offers brand consultancy, digital marketing, web and graphic design, and communications strategy to help brands create, develop, and grow their vision. She also offers corporate creative writing workshops.

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