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Healing Chair Therapy

Dia Hicks, the owner of Healing Chair Therapy, a Missouri-based professional therapy and life coach service, came to Culture for help promoting a self care workshop. This project included web development and design, event management, graphic design, and paid advertisement.


The first step of the plan was to develop a strategy for leads and landing sales. We looked at the target market for self care, therapy, and wellness brands and determined that a simple three-step funnel would be best for landing this company its best leads. This sales funnel would entice leads from Facebook and Instagram, the company’s most engaged audiences, with perspective into self awareness and mental health and send them directly to the landing page for the workshop.


From the landing page, hot and warm leads would be able to click in for more information and details on the event and click to register. We kept the process of registration simple to avoid losing leads to over-complicated language, wordiness, or any other forms of potential confusion before registering for the event. We gathered the brand’s voice in developing compelling copy to add to the paid ads, landing page, and registration link and simplified the workshop to its main focus point which was the tagline, “Self care isn’t selfish.”

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Next, we established a landing page for the event with a design that complemented the pre-existing website design and branding, using complimentary colors and bold eye-catching buttons above the fold for easy access and skimming. Using the same simplified language and messaging, we streamlined the focus of the registration link to avoid losing leads. Then, we designed a series of graphics for promotion using the client’s video and images to appeal to the visual movement algorithms of these platforms.


As a result of our efforts, Healing Chair Therapy’s self care workshop garnered over $500 in sales and gained the attention of acclaimed actress, Christina Anthony, of ABC's Mixed-ish, who invited our client to co-host a livestream to assist their community in learning more about self-care and boundaries in relationships. This booked partnership landed Healing Chair Therapy a sponsorship of over $200 worth of tickets and an increase in. From the beginning of the ads and project management of our client's self-care workshop, Healing Chair Therapy has increased its sales and brand awareness while extending into high profile clientele.

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